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Log in to AOL online. Click the "Read" button to view your email messages. Open the email you want to save by double-clicking it. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the email message window. Tip You can move email messages to different folders within the Personal Filing Cabinet by dragging and dropping them. Accessed 07 November Goss, Tricia. Small Business - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

The list of default labels is quite extensive — categories include Social Updates, Documents and Photos, among others — and you can create new categories as well. Instead of using labels, both services allow you to sort messages into folders such as Drafts, Sent Mail, Spam and Trash.

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You can also create your own folders, or mark the emails with a flag or a star. The disadvantage of folders compared to labels, however, is that moving a message to a folder removes it from your inbox; with labels, emails can be categorized within the inbox itself. Each service also provides an email filter, with varying degrees of complexity. Yahoo Mail offers a slightly more robust filter that will automatically move messages into a folder of your choice according to sender, recipient, subject or email body text.

In addition to applying the label of your choice, the filter can be set to delete the message, forward it, archive it, mark it as read or star it. Winner: Gmail 15 points. Runner-up: Outlook.

The ads are text-only, and take up a single line of space. Yahoo Mail has the most intrusive advertisements of all four email services. Neither service displays ads in the email list pane or below the folders. Like Yahoo, Microsoft offers an ad-free Outlook. Gmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail feature interest-based advertising — in essence, the services scan your emails for keywords and then use that data to load relevant ads. If you find this unnecessarily intrusive, all three services allow you to opt out of interest-based ads.

Winner: Gmail 13 points. Gmail offers 15GB of free storage, which sounds like more than enough space to save all of your emails without deleting messages. Yahoo Mail, by comparison, boasts a whopping 1TB of free storage.

In reality, however, Outlook. The initial capacity is actually less than 5GB and grows as your inbox fills up, until you hit the 5GB limit. While AOL Mail also claims that it provides unlimited free storage, there are, in fact, limits. The inbox can hold 1, new messages, 4, old messages and 4, sent messages per screen name. Winner: Yahoo Mail 10 points. With 1TB of free storage, Yahoo Mail easily outpaces the competition in the race for space. Runner-up: AOL Mail 9 points. Gmail provides a bevy of innovative features.

Why Are Pictures Not Showing in Email?

Action buttons in the inbox let you track packages, view online orders and RSVP to events without opening any messages. The buttons appear next to relevant messages — such as a shipment order from Amazon. Clicking on an RSVP, for instance, opens a drop-down menu from which you can add the event to your calendar; a track-package button opens a new tab on Amazon. Gmail also allows you to view attachments directly within the inbox.

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Clicking on a Word document, for example, opens a read-only popup with buttons at the top to open the document in Google Docs, save it to Google Drive, print the document, or download it to your computer. Hovering over the attachment without clicking on it causes two buttons to appear that allow you to download the attachment or save it to Google Drive. Similarly, you can view YouTube videos sent as a link in an email without leaving your inbox. Gmail displays a sample image from the video at the bottom of the message; clicking on the picture opens the video in a popup.

Another unique feature of Gmail is its compose window. When replying to messages or composing a new email, Gmail opens a popup window at the bottom right corner of the screen. This allows you to browse your inbox while simultaneously composing an email, which is an immensely helpful and time-saving feature if you need to consult previously received emails while writing an email of your own. Buttons for chat, video chat and email are located below their profile picture, allowing you to start a new conversation with these participants directly from the current email pane.

Like Gmail, Yahoo Mail allows you to view attachments within the inbox itself. Clicking on pictures or documents opens them in a popup. A button at the top of the popup provides the option of downloading the attachment to either Dropbox or your computer.

You can open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from the inbox, without having Office installed on your computer. The online copy of the document retains all of the original formatting, though not advanced features such as comments. Outlook also provides a unique feature called Sweep. From here, you can select actions such as delete all messages from this sender, delete all messages and block any future emails, always keep the latest email and delete the rest, and always delete email older than 10 days.

As with Gmail, Outlook. Clicking on the preview image at the bottom of the message opens the video in a popup window. AOL Mail offers comparatively few special features. The sheer number of tools and tricks provided by Gmail sets it apart from the rest. A search button at the top right corner of the screen makes it easy to find emails. The app delivers a push notification when you receive an email; in addition to the sender and subject line, the notification displays the first line of text from the email body, as well as the total number of unread messages.

The Gmail app also lets you set a vacation auto-response, with adjustable start and end dates. You can set the vacation responder to reply to all messages, or only to emails from people in your contacts list. Folders are available by swiping in from the left, and you can search for messages using the search bar just above the inbox.

You can also change the background theme, a feature that Gmail lacks. Push notifications let you know when you have a new email. More annoyingly, Yahoo Mail displays sponsored advertisements at the top of the inbox. The Oulook. It sports the same minimalist aesthetic as the Outlook. The refresh, compose and search buttons are located at the bottom of the display.

Using AOL Desktop Software

Swiping from the left, you can jump between folders, switch accounts and adjust the settings. The Outlook. You can create a vacation auto-response though not start and end dates, as in Gmail , set up a quiet time when syncing should not occur for example, at night or when your device has low power , or lock the application with a secure pincode. Winner: Gmail 14 points. Although the Outlook.

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Runners-up: Yahoo Mail and Outlook. All of the email services, with the exception of AOL Mail, offer two-step verification as an additional layer of security beyond a password.