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Network Lookup Phone Network Identification Using the form below, you can identify the network operator for a particular UK mobile or landline telephone number based on Ofcom information. For competitive costs for list-cleaning, please contact us To perform a genuine network lookup or a network lookup on a foreign non UK telephone number, you would need to login.

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Telephone number:. Looking Glass The section below is for checking domains and email addresses. Legitimize customers by retrieving details about the carrier their phone number is registered with. All Rights Reserved.

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Valid Local Format Intl. Enter Phone Number. Easy on your Budget We're offering the most cost-effective API - validate phone numbers per month for free. Numbering Plans Our format validation system is powered by regularly updated international phone numbering plans.

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Interactive Documentation Once signed up, you will be able to try out the API's features as you go through their Documentation. World-Class Tech Support Our technical support team is great at giving you exactly the information that you need, when you need it.

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Extended Usage Statistics Track your API usage on a daily or monthly basis, and receive automatic notifications if you are running low. International Numbers Validate international phone numbers for countries using their unique international dial codes. National Numbers Validate national local phone numbers by providing an additional 2-digit country code parameter.

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Location Data Retrieve valuable geographical identifiers, including country and location, with each API request. Carrier Detection Legitimize customers by retrieving details about the carrier their phone number is registered with. Line Type Detection Reduce undelivered messages and ensure right ways of communication by knowing the line type.

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