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Note: This does not apply to Quebec residents married after April 1, , regardless of where they were married. If you are applying by mail for your child, you must provide a valid primary document proving your identity in addition to all required documents for them. If the document has been translated by a certified translator, you must submit an attestation. The attestation is a document stating that the translation is a true and accurate version of the original text. A certified translator is a member of a provincial or territorial organization of translators and interpreters.

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If the document has been translated by a translator who is not certified, you must submit an affidavit. The affidavit is a document stating that the translation is a true and accurate version of the original text. The translator must sign the affidavit in front of a commissioner for oaths or a commissioner for taking affidavits.

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A commissioner for oaths or a commissioner for taking affidavits is appointed by a province or territory. Note: Translations by family members are not acceptable A family member is defined as being a parent, guardian, sister, brother, spouse, grandparent, child, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or first cousin.

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Skip to main content Skip to "About government". Only the mother of a child whose father is unknown or fails to acknowledge paternity may assume the role of parent with respect to the procedures described above. The Haitian National Archives [Archives Nationales] is the only institution that holds the vital statistics records for all Haitian nationals and, upon request, provides extraits official copies or summaries of vital statistics records, including extraits of the acte de naissance , to those who request it. Each local registry office sends the records to the Ministry of Justice annually, which verifies them and affixes a seal before transferring them to the National Archives; in this way, theoretically, each acte de naissance can be validated for authenticity.

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A copy of the record is also kept at the local registry office or at the Civil Court Clerk's Office Bureau du greffe du Tribunal civil. In reality, the legislative requirements are not always complied with since there are no checks to confirm that information is completed thoroughly and entered and that the books are sent.

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A large number of Haitian nationals do not have an acte de naissance because of inadequate economic and social infrastructures, and for other reasons related to local practices and uses. The notion of late record of birth was introduced by a five-year decree on 14 November , followed by a second one on 16 May and a third on 1 February , enabling citizens without a record of birth to acquire one, free of charge.

The record is said to be late when it is initiated more than two years after the birth. The submission of a negative extrait from the National Archives for a late record is another legislative requirement that is not always respected; an acte de naissance issued under such circumstances does not constitute confirmation of identity for the purpose of immigration. Identity can be established through cross-referencing other documents from independent and verifiable sources, such as a baptismal certificate.

Births can be registered by either the father or the mother. If the child is born out of wedlock and is registered by the mother, the father is not specified and the child is registered with the surname of the mother.

Extraits can be obtained from the National Archives On subscribing to this service, you will receive your documents post completion of application at your doorstep. Please enquire about this service when you visit the Visa Application Center. This service can be requested while submitting the application at the Visa Application Center.

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Listed at National Stock Exchange India. Home About Us Visa. Click here Applicant signatures should be in black. All documentation mentioned in Certificate of birth Checklist Note: duly filled and signed by applicant for each application.

Applying for a Birth Certificate or a Copy of an Act of Birth

For specification: Click here. Processing Time: Please be advised that the estimated processing times are mentioned below.

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