Most of these are affiliated with the Friends United Meeting , practise programmed worship and employ pastors. Friends meet in Rwanda and Burundi, as well as new work beginning in North Africa.

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In , there were , adult Quakers in Africa. Considerable distances between the colonies and small numbers of Quakers meant that Australia Friends were dependent on London until the 20th century.

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An annual meeting each January, is hosted by a different Regional Meeting over a seven-year cycle, with a Standing Committee each July or August. Meetings for worship in New Zealand started in Nelson in , and in Auckland in In it was estimated that there were about 30 Quakers in Auckland. Other programmed and unprogrammed worship groups are not affiliated with any yearly meeting. In the United Kingdom, the predominantly liberal and unprogrammed Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Quakers in Britain , has local meetings, [] and a total of 14, adult members, [] and an additional 8, non-member adults who attend worship [] and 2, children.

They have 1, members [] in 28 meetings [] across the Republic of Ireland, and in Northern Ireland. German Yearly Meeting is unprogrammed and liberal, and has members, [] worshipping in 31 meetings, in Germany and in Austria. There has been an active and vibrant Palestinian Quaker community in Ramallah since the late s. In this community built the Ramallah Friends Meetinghouse and later added another building that was used for community outreach. The Ramallah Friends Meeting has always played a vital role in the community.

In the buildings and grounds became the home to many Palestinian refugees. Throughout the years, the members of the Ramallah Friends Meeting organised numerous community programmes such as the Children's Play Centre, the First Day School, and women's activities. By the early s the Meetinghouse and Annex, which housed meeting rooms and bathroom facilities, fell into disrepair as a result of damage inflicted by time and impact of conflict. So serious was the deterioration of the meetinghouse that by the middle s it was impossible to use the building at all. A further blow to the Friends and the wider Palestinian community was the high level of emigration brought on by the economic situation and the hardships arising from the continuing Israeli military occupation.

The Meetinghouse, which had served as a place of worship for the Friends in Ramallah could no longer be used as such and the Annex could no longer be used for community outreach. In a committee consisting of members of the Religious Society of Friends in the US and the Clerk of the Ramallah Meeting began to raise funds for the renovations of the buildings and grounds of the Meetinghouse. By November the renovations were complete, and on 6 March , exactly 95 years to the day after the dedication, the Meetinghouse and Annex were rededicated as a Quaker and community resource.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Quakers can be found throughout Canada. Some of the largest concentrations are in Southern Ontario. Friends in the United States have diverse worship styles and differences of theology, vocabulary, and practice. A local congregation in the unprogrammed tradition is called a meeting , or a monthly meeting e. The reference to "monthly" is because the meeting meets monthly to conduct the group's business. Most "monthly meetings" meet for worship at least once a week; some meetings have several worship meetings during the week.

In programmed traditions, local congregations are often referred to as "Friends Churches". Monthly meetings are often part of a regional group called a quarterly meeting , which is usually part of an even larger group called a yearly meeting; with the adjectives "quarterly" and "yearly" referring specifically to the frequency of meetings for worship with a concern for business.

Some yearly meetings belong to larger organisations to help maintain order and communication within the Society. In all three groups, most member organisations, though not necessarily members are from the United States. FUM is the largest. Some monthly meetings belong to more than one larger organisation, while others are fully independent. Many Quakers prior to the 20th century considered the Religious Society of Friends to be a Christian movement, but did not feel that their religious faith fit within the categories of Catholic , Orthodox , or Protestant.

Many Friends in Liberal Friends' meetings are actively involved in the ecumenical movement , often working closely with other Mainline Protestant and liberal Christian churches, with whom they share common religious ground. A concern for peace and social justice often brings Friends together with other Christian churches and other Christian groups. Some Liberal Quaker yearly meetings are members of ecumenical pan-Christian organisations, which include Protestant, Orthodox, and Anglican churches—for example Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is a member of the National Council of Churches.

Guerneyite Friends would typically see themselves as part of an orthodox Christian movement and work closely with other Christian groups.

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Friends United Meeting the international organisation of Gurneyite yearly meetings is a member of the National Council of Churches [] and the World Council of Churches , [] which are pan-Christian organisations, which include Protestant, Orthodox, and Anglican churches. Evangelical Friends work closely with other evangelical churches from other Christian traditions. Evangelical Friends tend to be less involved with non-evangelical churches and are not members of the World Council of Churches or National Council of Churches.

The majority of other Christian groups recognise Friends among their fellow-Christians. Relationships between Quakers and non-Christians vary considerably, according to sect, geography, and history. Early Quakers distanced themselves from practices that they saw as pagan , such as refusing to use the usual names of the days of the week, since they were derive from the names of pagan deities. Early Friends attempted to convert adherents of other world religions to Christianity. For example, George Fox wrote a number of open letters to Jews and Muslims , in which he encouraged them to turn to Jesus Christ as the only path to salvation e.

In , Richard Price Hallowell argued that the logical extension of Christian Quakerism is a universal Church, which demands a religion which embraces Jew, Pagan and Christian, and which cannot be limited by the dogmas of one or the other. Since the late 20th century, some attenders at Liberal Quaker Meetings have actively identified with world faiths other than Christianity, such as Judaism , Islam , [] Buddhism [] and Paganism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Quaker disambiguation. For the Greek movement for independence, see Filiki Eteria. Family of Protestant religious movements. Notable individuals. Susan B. Meetings and other groups. Peace Equality Integrity "Truth" Simplicity. By region. Other themes. Major branches. Minor branches. Broad-based movements. Charismatic movement Evangelicalism Neo-charismatic movement. Other developments. Related movements. House churches Nondenominational Christianity Spiritual Christianity. Main article: History of the Religious Society of Friends.

See also: Quietism Christian philosophy. Main article: Quakers in science. Main article: Conservative Friends. See also: Evangelical Friends Church International. See also: Friends United Meeting. See also: Central Yearly Meeting of Friends. Main article: Quaker Universalist Fellowship. Main article: Nontheist Quakers. See also: Meeting for worship. Main article: Friends World Committee for Consultation. Main article: Yearly Meeting.

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