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Airline was a store brand of consumer electronics and musical instruments originally marketed and sold by American retailer Montgomery Ward via their catalog and retail stores. Products included radios, televisions, record players, guitars and amplifiers. In the early s, Eastwood Guitars acquired the rights to use the "Airline" brand-name.

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The Airline brand was used by Montgomery Ward on a range of electric and acoustic guitars from Airline-branded amplifiers were also marketed. These were manufactured by Valco and Danelectro.

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Eastwood Guitars later released the "Airline '59 Custom" in two- and three-pickup models in December , which come with striped pickguards and rubber-bound bodies, in the spirit of the originals. Media related to Airline Guitars at Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That is my first question. I was also having a very hard time finding anything out about it. I bought it off of EBay, the radio works great but the turn table doesnt spin. I plan on restoring it and any information would be most appreciated!

Airline phonograph

Here are a few pics from EBay. I would love to see a pic. Thanks a bunch! Posted: Apr Thu 17, am. It looks like it's a pre-war set.

Probably the standard 5 tube set of the day. I'll bet that the phono motor bearings are all gummed up so that the motor can't turn or the rubber tire on the idler wheel is so deteriorated that it can't drive the turntable. If my memory serves me right, on an Airline the first two numbers give you the model year if you reverse them.

Wards Airline Radio In Collectible Tube Radios () for sale | eBay

In this case it should be a model. Posted: Apr Thu 17, pm. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. New Member.