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In fact, in a situation involving a history of domestic violence, or the threat of future domestic violence, you must always do what is necessary to protect yourself and your children; if that means fleeing from the marital home at the start of the case, that is what you must do. The court can always award either the home, or your share of the equity in the home, to you later in the divorce. Now, having said all of this, there is no doubt that the home can be used as a tool to manipulate and create conflict in a divorce. Where you have significant assets like a home, or where you have children to protect, it is always crucial to make sure that you get the facts straight so that your legal rights can be protected.

I've been very impressed with Harris Family Law through this whole process. With help from some great support resources, we are stable, happy, and moving forward to a great new life.

Is Colorado a No Fault Divorce State?

Once my legal team stepped in, things rapidly began to change. After hiring my lawyer, I am certain that I made the right choice.

Your fast responses to all of our questions and your concern for our situation really made us feel at ease. You have been nothing less than fantastic thank you so much and look forward to never having to work with you in the future - Nate. Our Clients You come to us for guidance, support and assistance at a trying time. We take this responsibility very seriously. You deserve a high level of service and excellent legal representation. We encourage growth while also promoting a collaborative working environment. WE CARE about our team and strive to ensure an environment of collegiality, appreciation and consistent professional development.

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Equitable Distribution & Asset Division

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Things To Consider When Thinking About Divorce In Denver, CO

Generally you would have equity in the marital appreciation in a dissolution action. If you took out equity and spent it, then you would not have an interest in that. You do not mention dissolution, however your question is posted in the dissolution area. If the money is sitting in an account, upon Getting drawn out, is my ex entitled to more equity in my company if it was only a few months old when they filed for divorced and I moved out?

Or do they only look at revenue and sales for those few months?

Rules for Divorce Without Children in Colorado | LegalZoom Legal Info

It's now 6 months after moving out with a lot more income. Marriage was only 3 years. You can agree to mediate at any time that you like. If the court has not ordered it, you can mediate privately and the mediator can provide you with a certificate of mediation if you do not reach agreement.

Divorce actions can take some time, particularly if they are contested. Marital property is I felt it was what was best at the time I did not have a place to live and an agreement was made that I could see and talk to kids. Divorce is final per her I am trying to get copies.

She refuses to allow me to visit, or even talk to the kids. Is it too late to do anything? Initially, this will depend on what the divorce decree says about this. Also, you may be able to request a modification if you are not satisfied with those provisions. Husband and I separated Once I and the kids got here he claimed to want a divorce. We have been here 4 m ths. Am I able to file in county where I reside and have it cared through colorado courts. You can file for divorce in colorado since you have been here for 91 days.

However, Colorado will not have jurisdiction to decide custody issues until you have been here for days before filing. Therefore, you should wait until then. This depends on the exact wording of your parenting plan. You should have your attorney review the Plan and advise you of what you can do.

How Long Do You Have To Be Separated To Get A Divorce In Colorado?

I moved from Florida to Colorado and cannot file for the divorce until I have lived here for 90 days. We have already split our money and he will be paying for the house with his money. I have been asked to sign a paper saying I have no claim to the house. Does that protect me if he defaults or if Under Colorado law, the house will be marital property since it is purchased during the marriage.

How The Courts Decide on House Division

All marital property is subject to an equitable division in a divorce. You should have an attorney review the document he is My ex wife and I got divorced 20 years ago. At the table with our two attorneys she agreed to waive her rights to any of my retirement account and at the time I had less than ten years contributing.

Married seven An attorney would have to review your agreement in order to know what your legal rights and obligations are. Typically if she waived sharing in your retirement, then she could not reopen the matter to ask for it.

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Sometimes decrees do allow for requests at a later time when the retirement amount is We are divorcing and, as part of the divorce agreement, my soon-to-be ex wants me to pay her for money she spent during the marriage: air fare, rental cars, money she contributed toward a custody issue with my child, and toward basic bills etc. Is this something that a judge would agree with? In a divorce, you will divide marital assets and debts. It is unclear why your spouse would want you to reimburse her for money that she spent during the marriage unless you had some agreement to that effect.

Hoping to find help so i can see my daughter again and hopefully get split custody. Her mother and I are still married, my names on the birth certificate. There is no custody case saying where my daughter is supposed to be. She refuses to I am sorry to hear about your situation but you can make a change.

You can file for an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities so that you can set a schedule for childcare and parenting time. Your spouse should not be preventing you from seeing your child absent concerns about the welfare of the I am going to refinance my Colorado house but the title company says I have to amend my quitclaim since the deed was originally under my name and her maiden name.

The quitclaim deed was signed under her married name. I have no idea where my ex-wife is to file an amended quitclaim deed. If I need It is a little difficult to clearly understand the chain of title here. But, generally the seller must sign exactly as he or she took title. If that did not occur the title company may refuse to issue a title policy for a transaction now.

The only way to cure is to file a corrective deed which We where married for 14 years, i am a German citizen, we have a 12 year old son together, we agree on all terms and we not ask for any financial support from each other. You can leave whenever you want. However, you may want to wait until the divorce is over in case you need to make any court appearances. Also, you can not take your child with you without written permission of the other parent or an order of the court.

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