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Came to Utah , Warren Foote company. Member 40th quorum seventies. School teacher. Worked on Salt Lake and St. Drove a herd of stock across the plains. Settled at Richmond; moved to Farmington, then to Kanab, Utah. Was first settler in Fredonia, Arizona, and resided there for past 30 years. Born March 6, Came to Utah October 4, , Morris Phelps company. Assistant Sunday school superintendent; block teacher; high priest.

Born September 30, , London, England. Came to Utah , William B. Preston company. Second counselor to Bishop Hughes, Mendon ward ; missionary to England Moved to Snake river valley ; bishop of Teton ward. Admitted to the bar as an attorney ; probate judge Fremont county Stephens, both in Cornwall, England. He was born May 3, , at St.

Came to Utah in early days. Missionary to Great Britain ; member council 18th quorum seventies , also secretary and treasurer; high priest. Born June 21, , at Lemvig. Came to Utah September 9, , James D. High priest; member high council, Sevier stake. Carpenter on St. George temple. Died October 22, Born April 25, , Copenhagen, Denmark. Came to Utah with father. Born April 6, , Copenhagen, Denmark.

Came to Utah September 13, , Chr. Christiansen handcart company. Bishop of Ephraim, South ward, ; missionary to Scandinavia City councilman Ephraim six years. Died March 4, Dorius, married to Ethel Reese, on December 24, This is clearly a typo as Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah was published in long before Missionary to Norway ; set apart bishop south ward Ephraim, City treasurer; collector ; city councilman ; mayor; school trustee; representative state legislature from 14th district He was born April 24, , at Muthill.

Came to Utah September 7, , Noah T. Guymon company. Contractor on Union Pacific railroad. Postmaster 25 years at Springville, Utah. Died February 28, Born December 9, , Springville, Utah. Born February 27, , Downham, Lancashire, England. Came to Utah August 28, Born in Wiltshire. Born April 6, , in Franklin county, Alabama. Came to Utah with government freighters. Settled at Spring City ; moved to Richfield, from which place he was driven by Indians; went to Emery county, Carpenter; painter.

Died July, , Price, Utah. Settled at Price and has helped to build canals and wagon roads. Trustee of Woodside school district two years. Carpenter; farmer. He was born March 27, , in Derby. Came to Utah , Appleton Harmon company. City watermaster 16 years; road supervisor ; member State Irrigation association Captain in Nauvoo Legion. Second counselor to Bishop Robert McQuarrie ; member Weber state high council; superintendent 2d ward Sunday school. Johns; returned to Ogden Missionary to Australia Member high council in St.

Johns Arizona stake. Born January 14, , Vermont. Came to Utah September 19, , Daniel Spencer company. Peachville Perkins. He was born June 22, , in New York state. Came to Utah , Daniel Miller company. Born October , in New York. Born November 12, , Croland, Lancastershire, England. Came to Utah with Captain Seeley company. Born in in England. Came to Utah about Born November 20, , St. John, Tooele County, Utah.

Came to Utah September, , Daniel Hendricks company. Settled in tenth ward, Salt Lake City; moved to Draper in the fall of , from there he went to Alpine and to Rockville Died January 9, , Rockville, Utah. Came to Utah November, Godbe and Wright company. Second president to 62d quorum seventies at Malad, Idaho, and high priest and high councilor for nineteen years; patriarch in Mormon church. He was born March 22, Fountain county, Indiana. Came to Utah September 10, , John W. Cooley company. Thomas, Nevada, and Arizona. Settled at Moapa Valley, Nevada, Born October 28, Born June 18, Came to Utah September 16, , Ira Reed company.

Missionary to and president of eastern states mission ; high priest; president 21st quorum seventies; counselor to bishop Pyper of 12th ward , and to Bishop Clawson ; ordained patriarch September 29, Engraver, carpenter; contractor and builder. Died October 7, , Salt Lake City. Born October 10, Came to Utah , Captain Dailey company.

Born July 8, , Kentucky. Came to Utah October 3, , oxteam company. He was sent to Nevada and California to recall the people at the time of the invasion of the Johnston army; endured many hardships while crossing the desert. Echo Canyon war veteran. Died August 24, , Spanish Fork, Utah. Born June 6, , in Illinois. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah Veteran Black Hawk war. Took active part in protecting settlers against Indians in the early days.

Dudley and Mary Ann Robinson. Tippets and Sophia born Mead, pioneers , Captain Hunt company. She was born March 28, , Perry, Utah. Pioneer Snake river valley. Superintendent Sunday school. Born February 19, , at Marsden. Came to Utah September 16, , John Gillespie company. Born August 31, , in Derby.

Came to Utah September 16, , James Pace company. Member 11th quorum seventies. Settled in 12th ward, Salt Lake City, , and worked as stone mason; moved to Provo Served there as city councilman. Bishop of 1st ward. Justice of peace and lieutenant of Silver Grays. Also followed farming. Died December 31, , Provo, Utah. Born December 21, , Albany, New York. Came to Utah , Amasa M. Lyman company. Born November 19, , Albany, New York.

Black Hawk war veteran. President 20th quorum seventies; counselor in high priests quorum; patriarch. Born April 14, , Albany, New York. Missionary to Pennsylvania ; high priest and patriarch bishop of East ward, Heber City, ; counselor to President William Wall of Wasatch stake Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah Settled at Heber City and helped to make first canals and wagon roads.

Secretary and treasurer Heber Mercantile company ; director of Heber City bank Member city council ; president town board , and ; treasurer Wasatch county. Putnam of Barnet, Caledonia county, Vermont. Born July 1, , Bath New Hampshire. Came to Utah October 16, , Barney Adams company. Born January 19, , at Barnet. Missionary to Texas and England ; senior president 3d quorum seventies. Crossed the plains eleven times with ox-teams.

Called to help settle St. Born September 9, , Des Moines, Iowa. Came to Utah October, , Barney Adams company. Missionary to eastern states ; member 91st quorum seventies; ward clerk and teacher. County commissioner justice of peace. Born May 1, , in Robertson County, Tennessee. Came to Utah September 24, , Heber C. Kimball company. Presented the prophet Joseph Smith with a horse which the prophet named Joe Duncan, after himself and the donor.

Died May 4, Born February 5, , Greenend Lanarkshire. Came to Utah September, , John Higby company. Early settler at Meadow. Died January 4, Came to Utah September 13, Joseph Horne company. Born March 15, , at Dorliston. Came to Utah November , Thomas Taylor company. Born June 24, , Trowbridge, England. Came to Utah October 4, , John Banks company.

Seventy; president of branch of church at St.

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Died October 4, , Salt Lake City. Born August 7, , at Williamstown. Came to Utah September 27, , Brigham Young company. President 15th quorum seventies ; missionary to Canada ; to New York ; Society Islands ; to Eastern states Settled at Brigham City, Utah, President Elders quorum ; member 43d quorum seventies; high priest. Served two terms in city council. Died August, George temple; bishop College ward Moved to Cache county Born February 16, , in Staffordshire. Came to Utah June 6, , freight company. Member 36th quorum seventies; member tabernacle choir ; member Nauvoo brass band Died December 25, Provo, Utah.

Dunn and Elizabeth Howells. Born June 2, , at Manchester, England. Came to Utah September , A. High priest; member high council. Provo city councilman, alderman and commissioner. Lieutenant in Utah militia. Born May 10, New York. Came to Utah , oxteam company. First bishop of Aurora ward. Early settler to Aurora. Carpenter; farmer and fruitgrower. Died December 27, Born April 8, , Bovington, England. Came to Utah October 13, , E. Wright freight train. Member 67th quorum seventies; high priest. Janitor many years; watermaster to ; gardener, vine dresser, farmer; conducted a molasses factory in American Fork from to Jemima Berry Hensen was the widow of William Turner.

He was born March 27, , at Deanshanger. Came to Utah August 20, , Chester Loveland company. Hatch at Franklin; high priest; secretary of Sunday school Oneida stake Agent and telegraph operator in Corinne, Utah, and two years in Franklin, Idaho.

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Member sixth session Idaho state legislature; member village board of trustees; village clerk; justice of peace; notary public and village magistrate in Franklin. Engrossing clerk for seventh session of Idaho state legislature. Born March 1, , Frenchtown, New Jersey. Came to Utah July 18, , Captain Williams independent company. Settled in California. Carpenter and cabinet-maker. Died August 22, , Sacramento, California. Born April 7, , Perry, Pike county, Illinois. Came to Utah July 18, , independent company. High priest; member high council School teacher in Utah county ; county superintendent schools ; with his brother organized Timpanogos branch of University of Deseret ; secretary and treasurer of Brigham Young University since its organization in Member Provo city council ; mayor of Provo; county clerk ; member state legislature , and ; chairman of house committee on education.

Born January 2, , at Hertford. Iver N. Iverson company. Justice of peace ; public school trustee Sunday school superintendent ; ward clerk ; president 76th quorum seventies Clerk of board of education ; clerk Weber county First counselor to bishop of Riverdale ward; member high council Weber and Ogden stakes. Missionary ten years in England, Holland. France, Sweden and Denmark. Captain in Mormon Battalion. Died in Arizona. Settled at Rockville when five years of age, where he assisted in making ditches, wagon roads, bridges, and in developing the country; moved to Hinkley and to Emery Farmer and stockraiser; merchant.

She was born August 29, Warning Eshhom has a birthdate of June 28, while his Utah death certificate has a birthdate of June 23 She came to Utah with husband. Their children: were three daughters. She was born February 10, Family home San Bernardino, California. Married: Rebecca Carier, London, England. Their children: Henry David Jr.

Family resided Pleasant Grove and Goshen, Utah. Family home Goshen, Utah. Dall, Henry David, Jr. She was born March 3, She was born January 26, Family home Richfield, Utah. Born June 18, , Summit, Iron county, Utah. Married: Mabel Jane Bryant at St. She was born September 11, , St. Louis, Missouri, and died July 20, Cedar City, Utah.

Family home Summit and Cedar City, Utah. Married: Clara Christensen April 19, Dalley, Charles R. Born November 27, Married: Ellen M. Allen November 27, Manti, Utah. Family home Summit, Utah. Todo Continue looking for Utah death cirtificates below. Dallimore, William J. Married: Eliza Caroline Slater December 7, Their children: Emily Davis; Ida C. She was born August 12, , on plains, 60 miles from Heber Springs.

Family resided Bountiful, Utah, and Wardboro, Idaho. Born January 12, , Bountiful, Utah. Elder; missionary to northern states. Died July 25, , Wardboro, Idaho. Married: Mary M. Their children: John H. She was born December 12, , and died June 3, Family home Willard, Utah. Dalton, James M. Harper company. She was born March 27, Their children: Marion born January 6, , married John A.

Family resided Willard, Utah, and Cassia county, Idaho. Daly, John J. Married: Eliza M. Benson March 1, They are the parents of three sons and five daughters, all but one of them living. Family home Salt Lake City. Married: Sophia Andrews , in Hancock county, Illinois. Their children: Phidelin E. Family home Fillmore, Utah. Damron, Joseph W. She was born September 27, , and came to Utah with parents. Their children: George A. Erickson; Joseph W. Kelly April 8, ; Milton W.

Barren; Charles S. Family resided Kanosh and Deseret, Utah. Their children: Norma V. Their children: Elizabeth born August 18, , married C. Rudd June 16, ; Joseph B. Summers Chauncey R. Family home Ogden, Utah. Dana, Joseph B. Born November 24, , Ogden, Utah. Married: Maggie L. Summers February 24, daughter of Stephen J. Their child: Joseph Bertrand born August 1, Willie handcart company. She was born December 16, Married: Mary Jeremy, who was born and came to Utah with husband.

Born January 18, , Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Married: Mary Davis May 20, Family home Malad, Idaho. Thomas and Ann Williams, pioneers with Joseph Young company. She was born May 26, , Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Daniels, Daniel M. Born December 20, , Brigham, Utah. Married: Ellen Jones March , who died Married: Catherine Owens daughter of John E. Their children: Mary D. Williams; Daniel O. Born March 26, , Brigham, Utah. Daniels, James E. Married: Elizabeth Jane Jones, whose parents came to Utah Their children: La Prele, married A.

Towle; Eliza Luella, married John R. Twelves; James Edward, married Emma M. Married: Marilla L. She was born October 12, Family resided Prove, Utah. Lyman company, married January 1, , Draper, Utah. She was born June 6, Their children: Robert, Jr. Family home Herriman, Utah.

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She was born August 24, , Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. Their children: James W. Dansie Robert, Jr. She was born January 27, Their children: Charlotte J. Silcock and Jane Heath , who was born October 4, Their children: James H. Family home Riverton, Utah. Dansie, William Heber, Jr. Born June 27, , Riverton, Utah. Born January 31, , Bingham Canyon, Utah.

Married: Sarah Ann E. She was born December 16, , Hyde Park, Utah. Pearce November 10, ; Marcus M. Christenson February 6, ; Eudora A. Family resided Draper and Paradise, Utah. Born June 17, , Salt Lake City. She was born December 13, , at Salt Lake City. Their children: Helen R. Family resided Paradise and Logan, Utah. Married: Kate Naomi Lufkin October 3, Logan, Utah daughter of George W. Lufkin and Martha Ann Townsend.

She was born January 3, , Salt Lake City. Davenport, James N. Married: Margaret J. Petty February 3, Salt Lake City daughter of Robert C. Petty and Margaret J. She was born September 13, Their children: Martha J. Shaw; Lewis A. Family home Richmond, Utah. Family home Palmyra and Spanish Fork, Utah. She was born April 26, Davies, T. Born September 5, , Salt Lake City. She was born July 8, Davis, Alexander G. She was born January 10, Davis and Emily Francis Oliver. Born October 3, , Payson, Utah.

Their children: Hannah Trifena born September 6, , married J. Hales September 22, ; Agnes E. Miner August 24, Davis, Charles A. Hayes April 28, ; Lucretia R. Holm January 16, ; Amelia T. She was born August 1, Palmyra, Utah. Mooney December 8, ; William C. Clyde October 27, Family home Spanish Fork, Utah. Davis, Warren Edgar Jr. Born October 26, , at Spanish Fork, Utah. Married: Barbara E. Davis, David W. She was born December 10, Davis, William G. Davis and Charlotte Notte Jeremy. Born June 14, , at Logan. Married: Margaret A.

Hawkins May 20, , at Logan daughter of William E. Hawkins, pioneer , and Margaret Thomas, born in Farmington, Utah. She was born November 25, , Samaria, Idaho. Came to Utah with husband. She was born January 16, Wallace; Martha, married George B. Wallace; Hannah, married George B. Wallace; Josiah. Family home Salt Lake City, Utah. Davis, Edward William, Jr. Married: Sarah Elizabeth Hyder April 22, She was born March 15, , at London.

She was born November 19, ; died July 4, Families resided at Salt Lake City. Woodville Hovey, Cambridgeport, Massachusetts. No children. Davis, John N. Jasperson of Heber, Utah , who was born July 12, , and came to Utah Family home Vernal, Utah. Married: Mary E. Walker , Nauvoo, Illinois. Family home Farmington, Utah. Davis, Charles H. Born June 23, , Farmington, Utah. Married: Lizzie W. Family home Brigham City. She was born May 6, , at Brighton, Sussex, England. Family home New York state and Canada. Died July 2, Family resided Clarkston, Perry, Lehi, Utah.

Married: Alice E. Goodey February 24, , Salt Lake City. She was born September 12, Families resided Clarkston, Lehi and Perry, Utah. He was born February 8, , Lehi, Utah. Family home Perry, Utah. Married: Elizabeth M. Bybee pioneers September, , Alfred Cardon company. She was born July 31, , and came to Utah with parents.

Their children: Elizabeth J. Howard; Rhoda A. Thompson; Lucy E. Rice; Polly V. Thompson; Sarah B. Singleton; Samuel H. Rice; Lydia M. Thompson; William H. Family home Springville, Utah. Davis, Nathan C. Davis, James L. Fretwell April 23, daughter of William K. Their children: Mary F. Humphries September 25, ; Emily E. Wallentine October 11, ; Kate E. Humphries September 15, ; Cordelia born August 15, , married D. Hymus September 18, ; Stella born July 22, , married D.

Hays September 18, Brigham Young company. Their children: Joseph born , died She was born Family home Beaver, Utah. Their children: William George; John G. Davis, Joseph C. She was born December 25, , and came to Utah with husband. Their children Annie M. Clark; Joseph W.

Their children: John O. Family home Juarez, Old Mexico. She was born June 18, , Rochester, New York. She was born September 5, Family home Provo, Utah. Clair county, Alaabama, who came to Utah She was born June 24, Family home Pleasant View, Utah. Davis, M. Kenner and Hannah Foster of Tennessee, pioneers She was born February 2, Their children: Edwin; Albert W. Sheets; Sarah, married John Thatcher. Family home 17th ward, Salt Lake City. Davis, Albert W. Lambson of Nauvoo, pioneers September 26, , Elijah E. Fuller company. She was born November 13, Their children: Albert J.

Forsyth; Melissa E. Callister; Edna May; Nettie M. Bradford; Wesley, died aged 6 weeks; George A. Whittaker; Sarah W. Family home Center ward. Salt Lake City. Davis, George A. Davis and Melissa J. Born July 7, Married: Lucy S. Whittaker and Mary A. Smith of 16th ward. She was born January 6, Their children: George W. Family home Center ward, Salt Lake City.

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Davis, David F. Born June 7, Married: Martha M. Sheets March 26, , Salt Lake City. Angus M. Cannon officiating daughter of Elijah F. She was born May 3, , 8th ward. Their children: Edna born May 28, ; David F. Davis, John R. She was born March 19, , and died April 25, Family home Mill Creek, Utah. She was born December 23, Boyce December 13, ; Irvine born August 24, Family home Clifton, Idaho. Family home Brigham City, Utah. Davis, Oliver F. Born January 2, , Brigham City, Utah. Brigham City, Utah. Their children: Elfy A. Hubbard August 15, ; May E.

High priest. Sailor and ship-calker; painter. Died September 25, He was born November 7, , Gefle, Sweden. Secretary and president YMMIA of Brigham 3d ward; member stake board MIA Box Elder stake; assistant and superintendent Brigham 3d ward Sunday school; member 58th and d quorums seventies; superintendent religion classes of Bear River stake; missionary to Sweden ; now a high priest. Member Brigham city council one term. Born July 27, , at Carlisle England. Came to Utah September 12, , Milo Andrus company. Put up machinery for woolen factory at Canyon Creek and managed same until he moved to Ogden Located at Provo Carder, spinner and farmer.

Died February 16, , Provo, Utah. Born February 4, , Port Richmond, Pennsylvania. High Priest; block teacher. Constable and road supervisor; school trustee; postmaster, Lake Point, Utah. Carder and farmer. Black Hawk war veteran. Born September 10, , Roxburghshire, Scotland. Came to Utah October 1, , Stephen Markham company. Member Nauvoo Legion; crossed the plains with B. School trustee at Grover, Utah. Forsyth and Fredonia M. Born August , Castlederg.

Came to Utah , Thomas Tidwell company. Foster and Amelia Chaplin of England. Born June 28, , at Norwich, England. Died October 16, , Salt Lake City. Leading tenor singer tabernacle choir 46 years; leader of the old folks choir from its beginning to the time of his death; choir leader of 7th ward. Wood turner and scroll sawyer.

Born August 14, , Harleston. Came to Utah , independent company. Born September 13, , London, England. Came to Utah September 26, , John D. Holladay company. Senior president 77th quorum seventies ; missionary to England Contractor and builder; merchant. Born January 10, , Islington, London. Came to Utah October 3, , Daniel D. McArthur company. Superintendent 20th ward Co-op. Wholesale grocer.

Born November 20, , at Franklin. Came to Utah October 1, , Edward Hunter company. Born August 24, , Nauvoo, Illinois. High priest; counselor to Alexander Bulloch, president of elders quorum; ward teacher. City marshal of Pleasant Grove. Farmer and fruit grower. Born April , Stenson, Derbyshire, England. Came to Utah September 21, Joseph S. Holllns company. Born April 7, , at Dover, England.

Born December 26, Came to Utah September 17, , Horace S. Eldredge company. He was born April 6, , Bedfordshire. Came to Utah , Kaincaid company. One of the first men to make nails out of wagon tires in Utah. Died January 17, Born December 30, , Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.

High priest; missionary to Southern Utah He, with others, laid out the Harrisville irrigation ditch. Farmer and stock raiser. Died Washington, Utah. Foy and Catherine Pink. Born October 3, , Hancock county, Illinois. Born May 31, , Longland, Denmark. Came to Utah , Canute Peterson company. Missionary to Denmark ; first bishop of Price, Utah, Tog-ether with the stake presidency located and surveyed the present town of Price.

Gave the church land for meeting house, tabernacle, tithing office, public school and city hall at Price. Minuteman under C. Anderson at Mt. Pleasant in Black Hawk war. He moved from Mt. Pleasant to Price in Died May 21, Price, Utah. High priest; missionary to northern states ; member high council; ward teacher; assistant Sunday school superintendent. School trustee; county commissioner. Settled at Price Secretary, treasurer and director in Allred Canal company. Born April 1, , Glasgow, Scotland. Came to Utah September 16, , John Gillespie company. Came to Utah August 3, , James Ivie company.

Seventy and high priest. Died August 9, , Vernal, Utah. Came to Utah August 3, , with parents. President 76th quorum seventies. Missionary to southern states and to northern states ; first counselor to Bishop Fullmer ; bishop of Wallsburg Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah ; scout in Black Hawk war. Wasatch county commissioner two terms. Lumberman, farmer and stockraiser. Born March 3, , Keady, Ireland. Came to Utah October 6, , A. Harmon company. Quarried rock for Salt Lake temple ; worked on Union Pacific railroad Justice of the peace , ; member Eureka school board Born March 3, , at Tolne, Hjorring amt.

Came to Utah with Captain Spencer company. Born August 30, , Hjorring Denmark. Missionary to Denmark November 20, ; labored in the Aalborg conference; returned July 4, Born March 22, , in Burke county. Came to Utah , Captain Allen company. High priest and patriarch; home missionary. Died July 23, , Salt Lake City. Came to Utah September 19, , Daniel Spencer company. Johns, Arizona, , where he served as counselor to Bishop D. Udall ; first counselor in St.

Johns stake ; moved to Basalt, Idaho, where he served as alternate high counselor in Blackfoot stake. Director in St. Johns Co-op 17 years and in St. Johns drug store 18 years. School trustee; member Basalt village board two terms. Came to Utah with John Freeman company. He was born September 6, , in Kentucky. Born December 25, , at New Concord, Kentucky. Came to Utah October , Enoch Reese company. High priest; counselor to James Crane of Herriman branch; senior president of seventies; missionary to Southern Utah Participated in Echo Canyon trouble; member of Utah militia.

Constable; deputy sheriff; justice of the peace. Freeman and Angelina Stocking. Born February 14, , at Fort Herriman, Utah. Born September 22, , Leicestershire, England. Came to Utah October 21, President deacons quorum; first counselor to President R. He was born May 16, , at Flixton. Came to Utah September 9, , Daniel Miller company. Missionary to England ; high priest; bishop of Vernal. Captain of company in Black Hawk Indian war. Sunday school superintendent. Farmer and beekeeper. Born June 17, , Ayrshire. Born January 30, , Yorkshire, England. Born May 2, at Wolverhampton.

Came to Utah , Warren Snow company. Missionary to England Settled in Arizona Justice of peace , Navajo, Arizona, county recorder Moved to Provo , where he served as mayor General manager Frisby Mercantile Company of Provo He often set up his forge on the trail and welded for other wagon trains. He is mentioned frequently in pioneer journals for his repairs. Member 16th quorum seventies; missionary to Australia ; one of presidents 70th quorum seventies.

Died March 16, Born January 2, , in Knox county, Tennessee. Came to Utah , William K. McKessack company. Missionary to southern states; ward teacher. Farmer and blacksmith. Died June 27, , Cyote, Utah. Born April 16, at East Down. Came to Utah September 3, , J. Ross company. Early settler in Morgan county. Presiding elder of Morgan stake and later 1st counselor to President W. Smith of same stake; president of Morgan stake. Morgan county treasurer four years; city treasurer four years; mayor of Morgan City; city councilman two terms.

Missionary to Canada and England ; member South Morgan bishopric Sheriff of Morgan county two terms; mayor of Morgan two terms; city councilman twice. Member third state legislature and He was born September 28, Lincolnshire, England. Kingsbury and James Jack of 12th ward. Salt Lake City; employed by Bishop Edward Hunter as night watchman on the property where now stands the Hotel Utah; built first home in 12th ward; same year built second home in Sugar House ward, Salt Lake county; to followed farming and fruit raising; moved to Deweyville, Box Elder county, followed farming and stockraising; built hotel and livery barn at Deweyville, and is following same business at this date.

Justice of peace. Sheepman and farmer. Born June 10, , Clinton County, Ohio. Came to Utah , Lorenzo Snow company. Member seventies at Manti, Utah. Settled at Manti , and at Richfield ; from the latter place he was driven away by Indians. Settled at Ferron, Utah, Died January 4, , Ferron. Settled at Ferron Assisted in making the canals and wagon roads and building up the country.

Assisted in making canals, wagon roads and building up the country. He was born January 16, , at Oeschenback. Came to Utah September 3, James T. Came to Utah September 3, , James T. Missionary to Switzerland and Germany ; 2d counselor to Bishop Fredrick Theuer of Providence ward 20 years, bishop of Providence 1st ward May 1, Born December 9, , at Nashville, Iowa. Born November 23, , Elk Rapids, Iowa. Bishop of Knightsville ward since March 11, Fuller and Harriet Loomis. Was deputy U. Born July 7, , Chilisquaque, Northumberland county, Pennsylvania.

Came to Utah October 13, , Edward Hunter company. High priest; high councilor of Hancock stake; missionary; president Garden Grove branch; home missionary. Member of company appointed to explore southern Utah; captain of company sent to Independence Rock, to relieve a belated immigrant company. Member of territorial legislature from Salt Lake county; city councilman at Nauvoo, Illinois.

Delegate to territorial convention from 6th ward, at which convention he was appointed director of agricultural society. Died October 21, , Salt Lake City. Born May 3, , Plymouth, Luzerne county, Pennsylvania. One of presidents of 2nd quorum of seventies; high priest; ward teacher. Worked on Salt Lake temple 40 years.

Mayor of Alpine Superintendent water works of Alpine. Born July 21, , Luzerne county, Pennsylvania. Came to Utah October 10, , Willard Richards company.

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Missionary to England; member committee of three. John S. Fullmer, Joseph L. Haywood and Almon W. Babbitt, left at Nauvoo at time of exodus to complete business of those departing for Utah; high priest. Member legislature. Settled at Mapleton Moved to Wallsburg Member 76th quorum seventies; high priest; bishop Wallsburg ward ; counselor in Mutual; president elders quorum.

Superintendent Mapleton ditch and water distribution; superintendent road construction. Planted and raised first sugar beets. Farmer; rancher and stockraiser. Elder; member of bishopric of Spring Glen; Sunday school teacher; ward teacher. Registration agent. Member 48th quorum seventies. Black Hawk Indian war veteran. Served in Echo Canyon trouble. One of the first settlers to Manti. Farmer; plasterer and builder.

Died November 30, , at Funks Lake, Manti. Funk and Mariah DeMill. Born June 1, , at Quincy, Illinois. Minuteman in Black Hawk Indian war. Farmer; carpenter; plasterer; builder and prospector. Their children: George H. Davis October 25, ; Mary E. Family home Willard, Utah. Their children: Emma L. Jackson August 14, ; Annie Mariah born September 8, Crocket ; Ethel Rose born August 20, , married Dr.

Born July 13, , Willard, Utah. Empey companies respectively. She was born July 13, Their children: William O. Marsh, Jr. Born October 13, , Willard, Utah. Married: Emma E. She was born October 21, , Perry, Utah. Born June 10, , Willard, Utah. Married: Emma L. Jackson daughter of A. Their child; Elden Jackson born November 15, Family home Hyrum, Utah. Facer, William O. Born December 3, , Willard, Utah. Smith company, latter October, , Thomas Ricks company. She was born November 8, , Willard, Utah.

Only child: Alice born June 17, Married: Mary Bartholomew November 11, Married: Susan Mandeville November 26, Pompton Plains, New Jersey. Warning Profile on billiongraves. Born January 2, , Payson, Utah. Married: Estelle V. Wightman; pioneers Their only child: Magdaline born March 2, , died same day. Warning Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah states that they only had one child but familysearch currently lists 3 children. She was born July 11, Their children: John J. Brown; Allicia F. Family home Payson, Utah. Fairbanks, John B.

Huish and Ann Smith of Birmingham, England, pioneers She was born February 24, Yates; Vernon W. Games; Erven H. Family home Salt Lake City. Warning familysearch. She was born November 11, Family home Herriman, Utah. She was born June 6, Henderson; Erastus L.

Family home Clifton, Idaho. Harrison and Angelina Parry. She was born July 29, Their children: Thomas H. Sources: Profile at familysearch. Family home Pleasant Grove, Utah. Married: Eliza Lewis daughter of Nathan Lewis. Powell; Joseph; Eliza Jane; Benjamin. Family resided in Pleasant Grove and Richfield, Utah.

Married: Ellen Louisa Showell. Married: Christianna D. Preston company. She was born January 8, , Viberg amt, Denmark.

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Family resided Waterford and Charleston, Vermont, before coming to Utah. Mayor of Ogden, Utah. Married: Nancy B. Their children: Enoch born December 28, , married Mary E. Family home Ogden, Utah. Married December 7, , Bidwilly, Monmouthshire, Wales. Their children: Joseph born August 7, , married Sally M.

She was born April 1, , St. Johnsbury, Vermont; died September 25, , Ogden. Driver September 11, She was born September 22, , Council Bluffs, Iowa. Morris company. She was born March 12, , Burnley, Lancashire, England. Born February 21, , Ogden, Utah. Their children: Ezra Leon; Clare K. Born May 31, , at Ogden, Utah. She was born May 15, Family home Salt Lake City, Utah. Born August 7, , in Ogden. Married: Sally M. Canfield company. She was born June 4, Their children: Joseph A.

Farr August 16, ; Nellie R. Farr August 24, ; Marcia A. Born April 2, , Ogden. She was born January 30, , Salt Lake City. Their children: Josephine born February 17, , married William H. Born April 11, , Ogden. Born August 29, , in Ogden. Married: Diana Davis Fife February 24, Married July 9, , Salt Lake City. She was born October 7, , Ogden, died May 18, Born April 6, , Ogden. Ogden married April, , at Santasaf, pioneers October 29, , C. Harper company. She was born March 4, , Ogden. Born October 17, , Ogden, Utah.

Newbury, Berkshire, died July 20, , at Ogden, married November 1, , Newbury; former came to Utah , latter She was born September 11, , Boomer, Pottawattamie county, Iowa. Born May 23, , Ogden. She was born July 28, Their children: Chloe born, married Alfred H. Summerville; Norman I. Born January 4, Ogden, Utah. Married: there November 13, , and came to Utah June 2, She was born September 23, , Jefferson City, Virginia. Farr, Winslow, Jr. Covington and Elizabeth Ann Thomas. Born February 14, , Paradise, Utah. Warren oxteam company. She was born August 22, , St. Brides, Wales. Their children: Anne E.

Bomeril; Pamella E. Lewis; Mary E. Family home Spanish Fork, Utah. Married: Amanda A. She was born February 17, Family resided Logan and Smithfield, Utah. She was born December 15, , Frothatta, Sweden. Their children: William G. Musser ; Alfred L. Married: Lydia A. Anderson June 25, Homer company. She was born October 4, , Echo Canyon, Wyoming. Family home Smithfield, Utah. Farrell, William G. Born May 24, , Logan, Utah. She was born September 6, , Salt Lake City.

Married: Catherine Adwin , Westmorland, England, who died Family resided at Provo and Beaver, Utah. She was born December 23, Family home Prove, Utah. Farrer, Roger, Jr. She was born October 3, Their children: Agnes A. Roberts; John W. Whitehead Edward born December 6, , married Ruth Peay. Family home Provo, Utah. She was born December 11, Their children: Mary Elizabeth, died; William K. Thomas; Sarah A. She was born August 18, Their child: Julia Ann, married Thomas Holdaway. Married: Matilda Hardy. Fausett and Matilda Caroline Butcher. Born December 19, , Provo, Utah.

She was born December 12, Family home Wallsburg, Utah. Born September 4, , Provo, Utah. She was born January 21, Came to Utah by oxteam. Married: Mary E. She was born in Graham; John W. Family home Midway, Utah. Fawsett, John W. Born February 23, , at Midway, Utah. She was born October 21, Sheepraiser and miner. Their children: John T.

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Family home American Fork, Utah. Rawlins company. Mayor of Fillmore, Utah. She was born June 6, , in Otsego county, New York. Stephens; Olive born November 2, , married Amassa M. Lyman, Jr. Member of territorial legislature. She was born November 10, , and died June 19, West; John G. Cutler; Annetta Rebecca. Felt, George F. Born December 8, , at Salt Lake City. Married: Louise M. She was born May 10, Their children: Geneva E. He was drowned in Provo river near Charleston, Utah.

She was born May 11, Their children: William and George A. Jensen; Beatrice, married William Ebert. Married: Emma Coombs. Born March 3, , at Salt Lake City. She was born July 10, Their children: Thomas J. Born June 7, , at Salt Lake City. Married: Sarah J.

She was born January 7, Their children: Joseph J. Born November 30, , at Salt Lake City. Burton and Susan Ellen McBride. She was born February 29, Their children: Robert A. Ferre, Roswell C. She was born November 15, , and came to Utah with husband. Married: Olive Fidelia Coon. McBride March 29, Williams September 13, Family resided Ogden and Eden. Born September 26, , Ogden, Utah. Married: Ella D. She was born June 3, , Mill Creek, Utah. Family home Eden, Utah. Ferrin, Arthur M. Born December 10, , Eden, Utah. Married: Janet A. She was born October 31, , Eden. Family resided Eden and Liberty, Utah.

Married: Clara V. Reynolds; Edith, married Dane T. Family home Grand Haven, Michigan, until Truman and Juliet Frink of Nashville , who was born August 18, Their children: William M. Married: Catherine D. She was born June 8, Their children: Mary E.

Cole; James F. Moore; Eva C. Conlin; Zeffie Z. Family home Lynn, Utah. Married: Susannah Cooper. She was born August 23, , at Bedford. Field, John J. Born February 16, , Taylorsville, Utah. Married: Emma Moesser May 21, Family home Slaterville, Utah.

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Born January 1, , Slaterville, Utah. Their children: Rachel born June 27, , married William W. Burton May 23, She was born November 10, Family home Riverdale, Utah. Fife, Adam S. Born July 24, , Clackmannan, Scotland. She was born January 6, Family home Brigham City, Utah. Fife, William N. She was born April 11, Their children: Matthew P. Married: Sarah Smith June 7, Nauvoo, Illinois.

Came to Utah, Levi Murdock company. Fillerup, Andrew Peter, Jr. Born January 25, , Provo, Utah. Family home Vineyard, Utah. She was born March 30, Family resided Payson and Richfield, Utah. Family home Birmingham, England. Born August 26, , Birmingham, England. Davis and Anna Burns, former pioneer , Harrison Pratt company. She was born February 14, Married: Margarette Edwards , who was born , Whitley, England. Family home Goshen, Utah. Finch, William, Jr. Born February 2, , Goshen, Utah.

She was born at Goshen, Utah. Married: Caroline Ethel Cole May 23, Salt Lake City daughter of Gilbert G. Willis Avery born November 20, She was born March 8, , Manchester, England. Their children: Arthur S. Their children: Elizabeth born June 18, , married Walter C. Lyman December 16, ; George E. Roper October 9, ; William J. Born March 8, , Oak City, Utah. Married: Edith E. Family home Oak City. Hickerson December 7, ; married Sarah A. Born April 2, , Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Married: Sarah C. Hickerson December 7, daughter of George W. Only child: John George born November 16, , died same day.

Married: Sarah A. Family home South Weber, Utah.