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One requirement of the FCRA is that an organization, including non-profits, must notify the candidate that they will be performing a background check.

The notice will explain that the results of the background check will be used for hiring, promotion or retention. After explaining the intent of performing a background check, volunteer managers must receive consent either on paper or online from a volunteer candidate to run a background check and that the results will be used in the decision making process.

It is important to be informed about the process and what information you need to provide for your volunteer background check.

Background Checks and Investigations

Remember to read the consent form carefully before you sign it. Providing correct information will help to speed up the background check process. Some of the items that you may be asked for to complete a background check include:. Sterling Volunteers has a simple, streamlined process for completing a background check. Once a volunteer manager thinks that a volunteer candidate could potentially work well within their organization, they will send an email with directions to send you to an online volunteer screening process website.

The background check is a simple hassle-free, four-step process where you would provide the information listed above. What happens when a volunteer candidate is disqualified for a position based on what is found in their background check? If you are hired, the employer must keep the information in a master file or personnel file for the same amount of time.

Criminal background checks will be conducted by a third-party vendor, except for checks on sensitive positions, for which fingerprint-based checks will be obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation through the Department of State Police pursuant to Va. Consideration of Information Obtained.

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The Employee Background Checks Policy describes the purpose of considering criminal history reports and the context in which such information will be considered. The only university employee who will review criminal history reports is the Designated Background Checks Officer, except as provided herein. The DBCO will review the report s for each final candidate, on a case-by-case basis, and clear the candidate for hire, unless the report s indicate s :.

Review by the Provost or Vice President for Administration. The Provost, for faculty, professional and professional faculty, and executive positions, or Vice President for Administration, in the case of all other positions, will review information referred by the DBCO, in accordance with the Employee Background Checks Policy.

Decision Not to Hire. Any decision not to hire a candidate or not to promote a current employee based on criminal background check information will be made by the Provost, in the case of a faculty, professional or professional faculty, or executive position, or by the Vice President for Administration, for all other positions, in each case in consultation with the appropriate Dean or Vice President and consideration of all relevant information.

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Before making a final decision to deny or terminate employment based on criminal background check information other than information solely disclosed by the candidate , the university will provide the information and an opportunity to respond or explain the information to the candidate and will consider any response made. This is a brief and informal process, designed primarily to help the university avoid making a decision on flawed information, and does not create any right to a formal hearing or grievance process.

Background Screening in the Financial Services Industry

If any information obtained from a consumer reporting agency is part of the basis for a negative decision, the university will include the name, address, and phone number of the agency that provided the information, in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The Provost has the following duties with respect to instructional faculty, professional and professional faculty, and executive positions:.

The Vice President for Administration has the following duties with respect to all other covered positions:. The Employee Background Checks Policy provides limited exceptions for promotions and transfers, and authorizes the Provost to designate certain restricted positions as excluded from the background checks requirements. These positions are:. No sensitive position may be excluded from the criminal background check requirement, regardless of whether it would otherwise be excluded as a restricted position.

These exclusions do not prohibit a department or hiring unit from performing all or some of the background checks described in this procedure; a department that employees volunteers in positions involving considerable responsibility although not constituting sensitive positions may elect to run checks on such individuals.

HR Basics: Background Checks

Confidentiality and Records. Information will be collected, processed and retained confidentially, in accordance with the Employee Background Checks Policy and applicable law. All records will be destroyed at the earliest date permitted by applicable law, in accordance with the Library of Virginia Records Retention and Disposition Schedule Series , requiring destruction of criminal history records upon a position being filled.

This procedure was approved by the Provost.

Candidate Background Investigations: LinkedIn vs. Resume

It was amended effective November 8, to remove the exclusion of adjunct and other part-time, non-tenure eligible faculty positions from the background check requirements. This procedure will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant, usable, and in compliance with university policy and relevant law. HortonWorks will conduct and Yahoo may elect to independently conduct a background check on all Personnel including, criminal records and civil judgments, professional license verifications, motor vehicle records, social security number, court records, military service records, other public records reports, and verifications of employment, and education prior to such Personnel undertaking any action in connection with the Agreement; provided that such requirement shall not apply to any such Personnel who are former Yahoo employees transitioned from Yahoo directly to HortonWorks.

Impax shall be responsible for performing drug testing and background checks of all Sales Force members. Impax represents and warrants that it will complete or cause to be completed with respect to sales representatives employed by Impax or a CSO who become Sales Force members a thorough background check of all Sales Force members to ensure that they have no felony convictions relating to the job responsibilities of such Sales Force members.

Impax further represents and warrants that it will perform or cause to be performed with respect to sales representatives employed by Impax or a CSO who become Sales Force members , background checks to confirm that no Sales Force member:.