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Cobb county, created in , was the 81st county in Georgia. Please be advised that the properties shown on the following list are scheduled for a site visit by an appraiser within the next 30 days. Earl Smith Strand. Chevron-up Icon E-Filing. Download Icon Forms. Question-mark Icon FAQs. Chevron-up Icon Upcoming Property Visits.

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Expand Icon Contact Us. Cobb County Facts Cobb county is a Metro Atlanta community that serves as home to more than , people and is one of the top 20 most affordable metro areas in the United States. Companies also provide eviction services by providing the labor and other services to their clients. Answer: This fee is for the Deputy Sheriff to be present and keep the peace during the removal of the defendant from the property.

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Some tenants vacate the property when requested and assistance of the Sheriff is not necessary. Answer: The process to serve, no additional copies will be needed. An entry of service if within the state of Georgia.

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An affidavit of service if outside the state or the proper form provided by the court. A return envelope with your address clearly printed.

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Each sale is advertised in the official organ of the county, as prescribed by law, according to a period defined by general law. An information sheet is available for those interested in the levy process. It is solely an information sheet and should not be construed as legal advice. The information page includes frequently asked questions regarding the subject.

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Civil Section The Civil Section is tasked with the responsibility of preparing and serving civil processes received from the Courts of Cobb County, as well as other jurisdictions. Contact Information Sgt.

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