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While a virtual mailing address used to be strictly local, now it's global, as iPostal1 lets you select from over addresses across the U. Because you can view and manage your postal mail from anywhere, a virtual address is perfect for:. Turn your virtual address into a complete virtual office by choosing a Virtual Office plan that comes with local phone and fax.

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Change monthly plans at any time. Why is a Virtual Mailing Address Necessary? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you need a Virtual Mailing Address: Do you come back from a business trip or vacation to find mail items that required immediate attention? Do you need a business address to upgrade your brand image, protect your privacy, or register your company?

Do you want mail forwarding on a flexible basis to any address, when and how you prefer? Would you like to see the content of certain pieces of mail on the day it arrives, no matter where you are? If the intent on how an address is to be used is not made clear, then the person giving their address could potentially give the wrong one if the two are not the same.

Sometimes the person giving the address will be sure to specifically ask if they want the mailing address or the street address, but the party asking may be unaware of the difference and inadvertently ask for the wrong one. There can also be some confusing cases when it comes to the terms billing address and shipping address. Likely, the billing address will be a mailing address, but what about the shipping address?

Mail & Parcel Forwarding

Let us suppose that a customer wants to have a package delivered to their doorstep. They want to enter their physical address, but they know that USPS does not deliver mail to their physical address. Worse yet, what if the customer is unaware that their physical address is undeliverable? When businesses and organizations work with addresses it is important to know where they are located and if they are valid and deliverable.

Otherwise, they risk making uninformed decisions that can end up wasting valuable resources like time and money and damaging customer relationships. That is why Service Objects provides various address related products to help prevent mistakes and reduce waste.

Mailing Address vs Physical Address: What’s the Difference?

Our services can quickly correct and standardize address to help determine where they are located and if they are valid and deliverable. Test drive any of our address products with a free trial key and see how we handle these scenarios. Is a mailing address the same as a physical address? No, not always. Different purposes A mailing address, or postal address, is often regulated by postal authorities that are commonly associated with services related to the sending and receiving of mail. Location, location, location Where a physical address is geographically located will often determine what public and private services it has access to.

Choosing the right route Mailing address datasets are generally used to help facilitate and ensure the delivery of mail, and they are not necessarily one-to-one comparable with geographic datasets like TIGER. If your business offers a product or service almost anyone can use, a saturation mailing is probably your best bet. Consumer-facing businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, and automotive shops can benefit from a saturation mailing strategy. If you choose saturation, your pieces will be sent to every household along a particular carrier route the actual route the mail carrier walks or drives.

Saturation mailings also allow you to do some targeting. For example, you can remove business addresses, PO boxes, and some residential addresses like drop addresses, seasonal addresses, and apartments. You can also use the median demographics like age, income, and number of children for each carrier route to do some further targeting. Keep in mind that the demographic data provided for carrier routes is expressed in medians, which are the figure s in the middle of a data set. In some cases, saturation can actually offer better returns than targeted mailings. Because you can view median demographics for carrier routes, you can reach a similar audience with a saturation mailing as you would with a targeted one.

Unlike saturation mailings, a targeted strategy allows you to segment your list based on a variety of selects.

Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers

One of the most common uses of a targeted strategy is mailing to your current customers or loyalty rewards members. If you want to be more specific with your targeting, you can combine different audience segmentation methods to reach a more qualified audience. For example, you might combine demographic and psychographic data by mailing to men between ages 25 and 40 who like golf. You can create a more relevant offer by tailoring your message to meet the needs of your ideal customer. And higher relevance often leads to greater engagement with your piece and improved response rates.

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There are two main ways to go about this: use your own house list or pay to rent or buy one. This list contains the names of people you already have a relationship with. If you use your house list, remember that you need to keep it clean and up to date. You can either hire an external company to do this or have one of your current employees handle it.

The process of keeping your lists free of incorrect information, duplicate names, and other inaccuracies is called data hygiene.

How to Find Anyone's Email Address

If you have a large house file and want to narrow it down, try applying some of the segmentation methods mentioned above to make it easier to navigate. In most cases, renting a mailing list is the way to go.

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One reason for this is because renting a list is less expensive than buying one. If you decide to rent or buy a mailing list, you need to know where to get it. If you use a full-service direct mail company, they should obtain a list for you. For example, lists for targeted mailings will cost you more than lists for saturation mailings. And lists that are segmented using psychographic data or sales stage information will probably be more expensive than lists segmented demographically or geographically.

Depending on where you get your list, you may have to purchase a minimum amount of names. You should never buy a list based on cost alone.

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Asking providers the right questions is the final step in getting the best list for your campaign.