Tips to Import Entourage to Apple Mail
Setup Email in Entourage using SMTP Corp as Outgoing Mail Server

In this post, you will get to know about a secure and reliable method to migrate from Entourage to MS Outlook for Mac Microsoft Entourage stored mailbox contents in a. RGE file. In other words, Microsoft Entourage mailbox database file has. RGE file format, which requires the Entourage client for read and write access.

Teams Calendar Fails To On-Premises Mailbox

RGE database file stores emails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, and more, which is unique for each mailbox associated with the client. The file menu in Entourage was provided with Import and Export options, used for tasks like mailbox import and export. The biggest advantage of such data files is that they are easy to transport, and they can be directly imported into Entourage when received at the destination.

1. Creating App Setup Policy

In addition to a security and reliability during migration, another key issue is the security and reliability of the newer platform itself for your existing well as future emails. For the time being, let us go through the below mentioned secure and reliable way to migrate Entourage mailbox to Outlook for Macintosh. RGE file and copy it, and then paste it to another location on the same computer. In case your Mac denies copying the database, you have to export mailbox to a new.

RGE file, and then you can proceed with the migration process.

Microsoft KB articles related to Entourage and Exchange

Now, on to your question! Thanks so much for posting because it worked on my entourage and I was able to sync the inbox.

Note — it did take a while to sync all of the messages. I have this exchange account listed as a secondary account to my primary and it only shows my primary calendar. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I would like to know the same. The mail from all my accounts ends up in the main account. Your email address will not be published.

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