How Long Does a DUI Conviction Stay on My Record?

Commercial drivers who commit a DUI on the job, or even in their personal vehicle, are prohibited from driving in a professional capacity for a certain period of time. As of , convictions for major violations committed in a commercial vehicle including a DUI remain on one's CDL record for 55 years. Roughly 20 different types of information may be included in an official background check; these may include driving records, vehicle registration, criminal records, court records, character references, neighbor interviews and incarceration records.

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Some of this information may be gleaned from a pre-employment questionnaire or the job application itself. While most such questions are limited to whether or not the applicant has committed a felony, some states allow much broader questions about past charges for crimes. As a rule of thumb, it's usually best to tell the truth; while employers may overlook the admittance of a DUI offense, being caught in a lie usually removes the applicant from consideration for the job.

But the internet has proven to be a powerful tool for more informal background checks of job candidates, including online public records and social networking sites such as Facebook. For example, a steadily increasing percentage of employers admit to using Facebook to review job candidates, which could turn up information about a DUI arrest that otherwise might not show up maybe you or a friend commented on the arrest.

In this respect, an applicant who otherwise does not consent to a background check may be subject to one without even knowing. For more information on how employment background checks work, see FindLaw's resources on how employers should properly perform an employee background check.

While it's not always an option, often dependent on specific state regulations, a DUI offender may choose to expunge his or her record. Expungement is a court-ordered process which effectively "seals" a record of arrest or a criminal conviction. Many states limit expungement to just arrests that do not result in a conviction.

This result may have occurred for several reasons. For example, some state and local laws restrict how far back a conviction can be reported to us.

If you have recently moved from one of these jurisdictions to a state with no reporting restrictions, an older disqualifying offense may have surfaced in your background check. We understand how frustrating this can be. If you have been driving for Lyft and are subsequently deactivated for an offense that occurred prior to your initial application, please contact Lyft directly and provide us with more information. This may have occurred for several reasons. Your background check may have resulted in an error, or it may require further action.

Please contact us to find out more. Your background check may require additional action with Checkr. You should have received an email from no-reply checkr. I have been driving for Lyft, but now I cannot access driver mode. I was told that I need to consent to a new background check. How do I do that? If you are not receiving a consent pop-up when you log in to the driver app, the disclosure and consent form may be located under the notifications tab in your app.

In certain markets, drivers must meet additional city or state requirements. Keep an eye on your email during and after the application process for instructions specific to your region.


Drivers' vehicles must meet the list of Lyft standards as well as all local government standards. See Vehicle requirements for more info. Some cities and states require drivers to have in-state documents. If you're a new driver, go to our Driver application requirements for the full list. Your region may not require your name to be printed on your insurance policy. If your insurance policy doesn't have your name on it, upload your documents and we'll let you know if you need to acquire a "declarations page" from your insurance company with your name. The Lyft Driver app requires a cellular connection, so your device must be supported by Lyft to drive.

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Dashboard Lyft. Help Center. Skip to: Age requirements Driving history DMV check Background check Background check FAQs State and local requirements Vehicle requirements Driver license, license plates, and insurance Current device Age requirements To drive for Lyft, you must be at least 21 years old and comply with any state and local requirements.

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There are many advantages to having a DUI charge reduced to a reckless driving offense, such as the DUI offense not remaining on your record. This offense is something that could make it difficult to find a job or even remain in your profession in some cases. Often times a reckless driving conviction will not carry the same stigma as a DUI.

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Additionally, if a person is arrested for a DUI after having the charge reduced to reckless driving, he or she still could be considered a first-time DUI offender. In Ohio, the penalties for a first DUI are not as harsh as those for subsequent offenses. A DUI conviction is something that can tarnish your criminal record. An experienced Ohio DUI defense attorney at Joslyn Law Firm can help you fight the charges and work to have them reduced to a reckless driving offense. Your future is important.

Call to schedule a free consultation. Brian Joslyn is an Award-Winning Criminal and DUI Defense attorney who, along with his team, has handled hundreds of cases and has helped their clients obtain the best results possible. Request Your Free Consultation. Free Consultation.

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